Why a light bulb and a dandelion?



This image provides an invaluable visual of the foundation and heart of ProMentality. 

The dandelion represents the part of an individual who wishes for change and dreams of where they would like to be. At the same time, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry shares, "A goal without a plan is just a wish". This highlights the importance of knowledge in the process of change. 

This knowledge is represented by the lightbulb. 

When we think of a dandelion we also think of how, when we blow the seeds off in the wind with a wish, they are persistent and spread like wild fire. 

This internal spark, represented by the light bulb, guides this change. With a light bulb representing a spark of thought and intelligence this speaks to the initial desire we often see in an individual as they begin to think about change and what direction they wish to take. 

Especially when we consider Benjamin Disraeli’s reminder that “Change is inevitable. Change is constant”. With this, we get to choose what shape and direction our change will take when our wishes and intelligence come together.

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